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February 25, 2008


My kids attended a madrasa too, in Beit Hanina. OMGosh, come to think of it, I taught at one!

Always make me laugh when the right wing nuts (and a few lefties, now that I think of it) say madrasa as tho it's an obscenity.

Everyone I know attended a madrassa! Why sometimes, we'd even sit on the hashish on a sunny day.

Great post. Long live the beautiful Arabic language and all the loan words that have escaped Islamophobic tarring, like:

admiral adobe aladdin albacore albatross alborak alchemy alcove alembic alfalfa algebra algorithm ali baba alkali alkanet almagest almanac amalgam amber antimony apricot arak arsenal artichoke azimuth azoth azure barberry bard bedouin blighty borax bougie buckram burgoo calibre camel camphor candy carafe carat caraway cipher coffee cotton crimson damascene dragoman durra elemi elixir fakir falafel fellah felucca fennec gazelle gerbil ghoul gibraltar giraffe guitar hajji halal halvah hammam harem hazard henna imam jar jasmine jennet jerboa jinnee julep kebab kismet kohl lemon lilac lime loofah lute macramé magazine marzipan mattress minaret mohair monsoon mosque mozarab mummy muslin nadir orange oud mater ramadan ream rook safari saffron sahara saice sash satin scarlet senna sequin sesame sheikh sherbet soda sofa souk spinach sugar sumac summit syrup tabby tabla tahini talc talisman tamarind tambourine tare tariff tarragon trafalgar vizier zarf zedoary zenith zero

Note to non-Arabic speaking readers: hashish just means grass in Arabic. Yes you can smoke hashish (cannabis) that will get you high, but the plain old lawn you sit on is also called hashish.

Woops - I am not certain I should translate the smokable hashish as cannabis, since I don't know if it's cannabis or something else. You know what I mean. That stuff we call hashish or hash in English, that gets you high and is more potent than marijuana although who knows anymore. I never cared for either so I am out of the loop. Anyway. It's hashish, and so is the garden-variety grass that grows underfoot in the standard British-invented lawn, imported to colonialist madrasas across the Middle East.

Wikipedia is our friend. Whether or not the entry on hashish is correct, I cannot say. The smokable stuff is a concentrated form of cannabis. Anybody who knows better is welcome to contradict me in comments.

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