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January 31, 2004


>The point of this blog is to focus on a vision for peace. Concentrating on the solution is the only way to bring that about.

The important task is to think about the future rather than the past. This week has been a tough one for me, as a valued coworker was laid off. I've been enraged and have had to wrench my mind around to thinking about how to help her instead of just being angry. Also, I want to make sure that what happened can never happen again.

Funny about "never again" -- it's a good slogan for *both* sides in the Middle East conflict, each of which has suffered greatly in its own way. By brutalizing each other, both sides have lost a lot of their children to violence. Looked at from that point of view, it's their mutual suffering that should bring them together. I can picture in the future a memorial for all the dead of the Arab-Israeli conflict on both sides.

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