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July 09, 2004


i would like to request to kindly send me various arabic recipes (i.e. meals for breakfast, lunch & dinner including snacks. i have an arab fiance.

will appreciate your prompt response at the earliest.

thank you very much

I want to know how making fatta

I am a singaporean working as a chef.Very interested to learn more about Arabian,Egyptian,Mediterranean food,Please advice me on how to get all the recipes through book or e-mail.Very much apperciate and waiting your favourable reply.Thank You.

Could u send me some of your best recipes. My fiancee is from palestine and i would love to learn how to cook some of his favorite dishes.

My best recipes are all posted here - see the links at lower left under "My Food Files." You are welcome to click on the links and print them out.

Hi can you tell me what the english translation for Mulakhia is please

Some people translate the herb "molokhia" as Jew's mallow. I don't know the latin form of the plant.

does anyone knw of a arabic dish called asseed??? not sure if spelt correct...it had meat in soup...n u would eat with a doughy kind of thing i dnt even knw if it called aseed???...the dough was made in a pot and had to be stirred till a soft hard form that all i remember...pls let me knw if u have any idea...my friend was yemini if that help ...thnx

Hope you can Help!

I was dating this Arabic girl years ago and her mother user to make this round thing mabe 4-5 in. in diamiter was filled with I think rice ,pinenuts and some ind of meat. the outside I think was cornmeal and fried ..not sure do you know what these were? and do you have a recepit TY

Also check out www.readyrecipes.com :-)

Me and my husband just created sookandcook, we are very proud of it. We both hope you will enjoy the recipes.


Me and my husband just created this website. We hope you will love it as much as we do!!


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