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August 24, 2004


I have just come upon your interesting site and note that though you have true sense of the importance of peaceful co-existence between Arabs and Israelis, you seem to ignore the corruption and organized terror being perpetrated upon Israel.Granted there is much that needs correction in Israel, but soo too, there will be no peace till a full recognition (Arab League?) of Israel's right to exist becomes fully stated in public...and there is a clampdown on terror rather than support for it.

Re: Arab states recognizing Israel's right to exist. See Jewish Voice for Peace answer here:


and a CNN.com article about the Arab League summit in 2002 in which just such a recognition was offered:


Re: clamping down on terror - terror is like street crime. You can call for more cops and more jails, but until you address the root causes of terror, "clamping down" won't make the terrorist acts stop. Please see the West Bank and Gaza Strip as exhibit A, then see Iraq as exhibit B.

End the occupation.

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