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September 27, 2004


I'm so glad you're back! Glad also that it went well. Now you take the time to heal. You'll no doubt be going through some new stuff inside your self, emotional as well as physical.

welcome back! hope you get lots of rest and my best wishes for a smooth recovery.

Glad it went smoothly! I wish you healing -- as the blessing goes, "renewal of body and renewal of spirit, speediy."

Thanks so much, Sophie, Ziana, and Rachel. I appreciate all your kind blessings.

I am still doing fine. Today walked around the block! This hurt my stitches so I had to have a nap. But I'm doing well.

O Layla! Have you heard the wailing of Qays in your absence?
We are all Majnun now!

So nice to have you back. My prayers for your rapid recovery and many years of good health.

Dearest Islamoyankee, you are too darling. My father wanted to name my little brother Qays but my (American) mother said it was too hard for Americans to pronounce. They settled on Khalil (that's easier?). Anyway, I know the tale well. You flatter me!

Thanks for your kind prayers.

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