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September 11, 2004


I wonder if this kind of oven would make sense in the Middle East.

Naturally it would. Just because some Arab countries have lots of oil doesn't mean the rest of them are swimming in it. I can imagine many households could use the ovens on their rooftops, even in urban areas.

I wish we could get hold of a solar oven when we move to Wales in the near future (I'm in England presently)... but I don't think the weather there would fuel it! Solar fueled things are brilliant, if the technical people could work harder on storage of the heat and on bringing down the costs, maybe it could be used more widely. How about a solar powered desalinator to use sea water for drought-ridden areas, too.

Hi - I'm in Wales and I've used my solar cooker to cook two meals and bake bread in one day!

I'm currently doing a project on Solar cooking and will be testing it out some more soon!

i cant wait to use this info on my solar cooker project for skool.Thanks

Hi! I wandered over here via your note in Informed Comment.

I'm in Seattle, and I use a solar oven in the summer. (It doesn't rain all the time here, quite.) It was absolutely marvelous during the recent heat wave. Aside from its environmental advantages, I think it's the most comfortable hot-weather cooking method I've ever seen. No heating up the house; no fiddling at a hot grill; no choking on charcoal smoke. I wish I'd gotten one years ago.

Do you know the name or location of this bakery, or whether they still exist? I would really love to talk to them...

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