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October 31, 2004


I was with Juan Cole up to this point:

One of the 9/11 hijackers, Ziad Jarrah, was a Lebanese Sunni who was 8 when the Israelis invaded his country and wrought so much destruction. He obviously was deeply traumatized by the experience.

Obviously? Did Ziad Jarrah live in Beirut as a child? How does Cole know that Jarrah was traumatized by the invasion -- maybe he had lousy parents. Cole is trying much too hard to make a link between September 11 and the Israeli bombardment, not that these events weren't both barbarities.

I agree. This is why I said he's speculating. I'm a little surprised; a historian shouldn't make such a statement without better evidence. Ziad Jarrah was from Zahle, up in the mountains, and may very well have missed the worst of the '82 invasion.

Re: the rest of my statement - I want to make clear that I don't believe that New York deserved Osama's retribution, or somehow brought it to pass. Attacking the World Trade Center because of Sharon's siege of Beirut makes no more sense than invading Iraq to punish Osama's attack on New York. In either case, many thousands of innocent people died for nothing.

To say that he makes assumptions is putting it extremely mildly. The thing about the towers (and the pictures!) is a hilarious joke. But think about the corollary of his statement on Jarrah for a second. Forget the details of Jarrah's life which he sets aside to fit his ideological demagogical stupidity (as usual). If indeed the Israelis traumatized Jarrah, then they also have traumatized thousands of Lebanese who experienced the invasion. If that trauma leads to a suicide attack against the US, and this is Cole's logic, then ALL Lebanese who lived that experience need to be forbidden from ever boarding a plane headed towards the US, and those already in should be monitored if not expelled from the US as they are clear potential national security threats! That includes both you and me by the way! Thanks a lot Prof. Cole. What a foolish post masked as expertise by a man full of himself beyond words.

Oh how easy. Blame Israel for the radical islamist insanity. Why dont you blame israel for the islamist murders of 1 million sudanese refugees, why dont you blame israel for the mad radical islam bombings in moderate arab contries, and while youre at it, blame israel for the 50 dictatorships which make up the arab world as well, keeping the majority of muslim children poor, uneducated and driven to destroy western civilization as Bin Laden and his followers see it.
Syria has occupied lebanon for 30 years, I dont hear a single word from you about suria. Saudi Arabia has financed Bin Laden's groups to avoid confrontation with them - I dont hear a word from you on Saudi's. Its becoming too fashionable to play the "it's all the IDF's fault" card..
Israel withdrew from Lebanon and we still have the Hizballah terror group threatening
to destroy mideast peace processes, how do you explain that?

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