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October 02, 2004


Wasn't there a sort of quasi-marriage between men in some communities of Egypt's western desert and Libya?

My friends the gay Egyptian twins told me all about this (circa 1982) but since it's hearsay, I didn't want to print it. Perhaps a better researcher than I can dig up the anthropological studies.

You can imagine this topic drives people crazy. I heard (and saw) all kinds of things when I lived in Cairo in 1983, but I don't want to repeat what is essentially gossip. Let's just say that homosexual behavior flourishes, as long as people keep it discreet.

All the accounts I've heard have been hearsay as well - but on the other hand, every Egyptian I've met seems to agree that this used to happen. If I ever run across proof, I'll let you know.

I can definitely understand why this subject drives people crazy (although, if the level of rhetoric is anything to go by, it seems to drive people less crazy in the Arab world than in southern and eastern Africa). You were very lucky in your choice of parents. :)

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