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December 28, 2004


I've put some aid agency links (and a request to other bloggers) on my side panel. I hope more people will blog about this terrible, terrible disaster.

Thanks for your entry. I keep hoping more people would blog about it.


I received this from a good friend. Please help if you can.

Dear Glennis;

This is Geoffrey Barton. I'm the Volunteer Minister In Charge in India and
we are desperate.

50,000 dead and a million homeless. There are 2 of us and a team of Tibetan
Buddhist monks we trained headed for Chennai. Please get your whole group
to help us with money for food, train fare, and mattresses.

We need $5000 as soon as possible as we have to support the team.

I've got materials and a huge group moving. Help is on the way but we need
funds so badly.

Geoffrey Barton

You can contact the Volunteer Minister HotLine for information on donations:

1-800 435 7498

I'm letting the above solicitation stand but I want readers to know that I don't know this guy or anything about his organization. I only give to groups I know. I don't endorse volunteerministers.org at all since I know nothing about them.

Beware of comment spam. Not saying this group is illegitimate. Just saying - let the donors beware.

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