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February 23, 2005


Hoo. That is one beautiful babe with one beautiful necklace! Smootchies.

Yipes. Wrong thread. Sorry, but thought still counts I hope.

6-6-06 To:Charley Reese
From:Jesha Miller
I have filed an Executive Order
due to corruption in the U.S. Surpeme Court in case No.04-7377
executing the Bill of Rights which
no just government can refuse. The
case involves the inalienable right
"all men are created equal" & a
federal crime pursuant to Title 18
section 243 where an official has
omitted jurors because of race.
These actions were taken on account
of race, color & national origin
to cover up the crime & prevent
reparations for illegal imprisonment. President Bush has so far ignored the petition which
are grounds for impeachmnet for not
upholding the integrity of the
constitution. Please pulbish an
article on this so it is brung to the attention of the public.
contact me at:
Jesha Miller
1149 Washington Ave.
Evansville In.47714
(812) 470-9703

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