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February 23, 2005


I hope that you are well

Congratulations, Leila, and a fast return to health.

Alhamdulillah. May God grant years more of good health and the strength to continue spreading hope and knowledge.

Thanks for your e-mail. Glad things are looking up for you. Please continue this great blog as best you can. You really are a gold mine of information, both through your website and through your links to others. You have given me and a lot of other people new outlooks on the always contenious Middle East. Keep you in my prayers always. Please get plenty of rest.

Congratulations on your last day of chemo. I'm glad you'll be taking your vacation soon -- I hope our weather clears up in time for you to enjoy it. You and your family deserve to have some fun now!

congratulations! many years of health & happiness to you!

(just popped in while visiting Feministe, but i'll be coming back - i'm interested in checking out your "Lebanese politics for beginners" - nice looking site!)

Thanks, Jam. Please note that Lebanese Politics for Beginners is a link to the Head Heeb's article of that name. I didn't write it!

Mabrouk - from one survivor to another!

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