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February 04, 2005


Dear all,
I was deeply saddened to hear that Karl had passed away. I took out the little booklet he gave me in the fall of 2002, "Shattered dreams in the contested holy land", and read it again. I missed the opportunity to discuss it with him and convey my appreciation.

Karl was a victim of the Nazi regime but he has liberated himself in a way I haven't seen before. He was free of nationalism, free of cynicism, fully open to the humane, the pain and the good in each person. Like the peace pole he planted, Karl was a symbol of humanity, a symbol of hope, a possibility of healing and reconciliation. In these days of shattered dreams, Karl's departure it is a huge loss of a very special, courageous and inspiring man. But his work - his gardens and the seeds he planted in my heart, as well as many other hearts - will stay with us.

I'm in tears over Karl's passing. What a truly wonderful human being and an inspiration to us all !

If only his wisdom, his humanity, could have touched more Jews who support the horrible oppression that the Israeli government is exacting on the Palestinian people and are suffering so much themselves for this. We must all take upon ourselves to finish Karl's wonderful work.

Gene St.Onge

Karl was/is my great uncle and he will be deeply missed. We visited him up in Boston for an awards ceremony and that is when I really got to know him. He showed me around and explained his life's aspirations. 'Ullie' as we know him was such a kind hearted man, hopefully his work will continue to change people for the better.

Karl's passing is felt as a "disturbance in the force," by those of us working to protect the land and create a more sharing, equitable society. May we live the lessons he left us.

Karl Linn was one my professors at New Jersey Institute of Technology. With a group of fellow students and community members, we maintained a garden in a lot next to a church in Newark New Jersey. Karl's extraordinary talent and vision of creating an empty lot into a "Garden Oasis" will stay with me all my life. Karl gave back to the community through his knowledge and desire to make the world a better place.

After graduating he hired me as his assistant for an Architectural design class...although I had my diploma and thought I knew everything...he probably taught me more then. I kept in touch with him a for short while but always thought of him when I dug in my own garden.

I will remember him always.

Hans Mooy

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