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February 26, 2005


This is why when you left a comment on my site thinking that I hated you, I told you that I didn't, and that I thought you were sincere. I had this kind of thing in mind when I wrote that. I appreciate that about you, and I am on record saying so.

For the record, I didn't say that you "called me" (here or elsewhere! I haven't been tracking what you call me!!) a fascist or a Phalangist or a Likudnik (though you called me right wing and a neocon. For the record, I don't take any of the above labels as insults, even when I don't necessarily adhere to either one. Perhaps I am closest to the so-called Neocons, but it doesn't mean that I don't have disagreements). All I said was that I think that you probably thought of me as somehow engulfing all that list of cliched labels! I said it jokingly of course, as some sort of "sum of all evils"!! That's why I called your attention to humor!

But you read my criticism correctly, in that what you label left anger is somehow more tolerable to you than what you label right anger (regardless of whether I agree with that label).

But I also said, it's your prerogative to do so! Just be honest about it to yourself primarily then to the readers. And that you did, which brings me back to my first comment: I appreciate your sincerity!

Finally, I have no problem with the lack of restraint! I can wade through it as long as there's substance at the end. With As'ad, there rarely is, if ever.

Take care and enjoy the weekend.

Therefore, there was no need for you to apologize! I never took any of that personally! I have a very thick skin, and I can engage in these kinds of things (compared to which, your words are like butter!!) and in fact I sometimes relish in the art form of it all!!!!

So while I appreciate what you wrote, you really didn't need to apologize at all, and you certainly needn't feel bad. My comment on prejudices is purely intellectual.


Hey, Tony - you may have a thick skin, but I don't. And when I get into a tiff with somebody, I feel obliged to look for my part in it.

I'm making amends for myself, not for you! If that makes sense. But glad to know you're feeling good about all this.

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