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March 01, 2005


WHAT???? No more "Oh how I wish Kerry had been elected because he would have "engaged" Assad in "statesmanship" and "negotiated" due to his great wosdom and brilliance instead of that ignorant cowboy Bush" talk out of you today???

Goodness gracious. I'm sure te tousands of people in the streets of Beirut rigt now feel te same way: "Oh, if only Kerry had been elected, then we'd have some REAL statesmanship around here"

Have a nice day. And be sure and thank John Kerry.

Leila, both these projects are real interesting. Thanks for posting them. Please keep us up to date as what the groups involved are doing. Hope you are able to get to see the Mediterranean Voices exhibit. In the meantime, please get plenty of rest and be careful about doing too much untill you recover fully from the cancer and its treatment.

To Bill Archer: Are all of your family like you or are you the only obdixious one in the bunch?!

Dear Readers,

Do you want that Palestine will be free?
If your answer is yes, I recommend you the following home page:

"This image shows the future. A minaret-form skyscraper rises from the mass of the buildings in New York, the most densely populated city of the United States. The building is the “Tower of American-Islamic Friendship”. It symbolizes two things: on one hand there are a growing number of Moslem people in the U.S.; and on the other hand it shows that the U.S. is in alliance with the Islamic countries. Due to the new friendship America does not provide any more financial or military aid to Israel, which leads to the weakening of Israel and consequently, the freedom of Palestine."

Zoltan Biro

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