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March 16, 2005


Could not agree with you, Helena, and Jonathan more, Leila.
"Far, far better to jaw, jaw, jaw, then to war, war, war!" - Winston Churchill

David - that's a great quote. I don't think I knew it. And of course Churchill was the one who stood up to the Nazis so nobody can accuse *him* of being an appeaser.

"Mom's friend the retired professor, an American married to a Lebanese, said she has stopped going out of her apartment near the waterfront for now. Her husband has asked her to be very concerned for her personal security and avoid large crowds."
One of the things that utterly blew me away was how many close, older friends/associates I had who felt the same way about the antiwar demos I participated in San Francisco. Perhaps I'm mistaken, but I've never felt safer than then; I felt as if I was surrounded by vast numbers of friends. But others saw footage of the same protests and said they thought they were scary.

BTW, as usual, I wore a suit to the demos, in memory of the Civil Rights Marches of the early 1960's. I'm cleanshaven, and wear my hair cut short. I suppose I looked like a Republican. But everyone was totally friendly and unaggressive.

So my guess is that Beirutis are the same way; half showed up and marched, while the other half thought, "Oh no! Mobs!"

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