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April 18, 2005


I was hoping you were on your SoCal vacation -- It had been so long since you posted that I was beginning to worry about you! I'm so glad you had a good time (and that those pesky rains of ours stopped in time for you to enjoy all that Santa Monica/Venice has to offer). Welcome back!

Thanks, Donna - I was really remiss for not posting a "back soon" note. Sorry!

Good for you! And happy anniversary (again).

Hello Leila: My sister told me about your site. It is joyful to read about you, your interest and your unjaded view of life. Your love of the "dye'ah" and its simple life made it come alive in my mind with scenes that are by now 40 years old.This could only come from a poet's daughter. I was born in a house, I am told still stands, in the northeast corner of the "saha", the square. I hope to see it again. Please pass my salamatts and love on to Elias and Mary Edith, and keep some for you, from Ghassan Sami Saikaly. Note: I'll have to pick up a copy of my college room mate's book, that fellow from Magdaluna!

Hi Leila,
Thanks for posting these beautiful pictures. Hope you and David are having a great time.

Thanks Jonathan, Ghassan and David. We're back from vacation now - hence the intermittent posts. And Ghassan - go ahead and buy Anwar Accawi's book, it's delightful. I will add a link. Look for him in Mizna magazine as well.

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