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April 25, 2005


Very moving to read about these people strugglying to overcome their differencies to see what they have in common. Gives hope for understanding in a time that desparately needs it. Thanks, Leila.

Oh so the Koran os so weak the muslims have to take Moses and abraham, who are clearly not MUSLIM, and make them into muslim prophets?
give me a break! Passover is about the deliveration of jews from persecution for the last 5000 years - from the hands of egyptians, from the hands of greeks romans babylonians, the persecution in spain in th 1500's, the holocaust and lately the exit of russian jewry who were practically jailed in the USSR.
What do muslims, who weer great traders of slaves in Africa long before the Europeans did it, know about delivery from being slaves?
People should at least make an effort to learn Jewish history before they use it as part of the Koran or any other religion, with all due respect to celebrating differences and similarities.

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