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May 24, 2005


This makes me so sad. Keep it up, Leila.

Why be sad? As'ad raises a question I knew would be asked. I'm happy he brought it up, and don't mind taking the flak and answering for myself.

Keep up the good work. There are many avenues that need traveling and the ones you have chosen are as worthy as any other, if not more so in certain contexts.

Now was the "right wing demagogue" bit really necessary! In fact, I agree with what you said here. If you remember, in fact, I faulted you for saying that As'ad actually said something of use. I see that you found out on your own that he's no more useful than flying kites!

And for the record, I never said you were ridiculous. I said that you have a tendency to sound like a Hallmark card, which is not always a bad thing. But what has been rather consistent is that you're the one who resorts to name calling (hence the "right wing demagogue" bit or the "Lebanese Neocon" bit, etc.).

But no one who posts a recipe of Loubiyeh b Zet can be all bad!


Actually let me rephrase: Kite flying is relaxing, and can be used to make a nice gesture (as what you were doing). Reading As'ad is as useful as shoving nails in my ears, and twice as painful. Although, I must say, his consistent stupidity does draw a laugh every now and then.

Oh Tony, you're right, I did resort to name calling. I just can't stand it that you're so in favor of those right wingers in Lebanon who killed so many people during the war, and touched off the mess that ended up destroying my village (and killing my grandmother). It just rubs me the wrong way.

And you yourself called me all kinds of names in that lovely post comparing me to Juan Cole and Helena Cobban. I can't find it now (did you delete it? I was so flattered that you included me in their company) but I remember you used the word idiot quite liberally.

But it's true, I really shouldn't call names. It's not at all "Dovish."

I've definitely called Cobban and Cole idiots, and will likely call them that in the future. But you? I don't think I've ever said that against you. I didn't delete anything (although when I changed my comments to HaloScan all the old comments got deleted), and here's what I did write:

"Really, Helena?! The foolish Cobban never factors in that Hariri (Sunni), Jumblat (Druze) and the Christians were forming precisely that cross-sectarian opposition which stresses the independence and sovereignty of Lebanon. Never for a minute does she assess who would be hurt by such a coalition. Ironically, she herself mentions that the Syrians' line was that they were indispensible for Lebanon's security and for preventing the Lebanese from killing each other! She never puts two and two together. Instead she falls on a cliche and utterly baseless innuendo against Israel. To get an idea of the absurdity, take a look at the comments by Leila Abu-Saba to el-Amrani's post. Abu-Saba, who runs her own blog, is infatuated with the likes of Cobban, Cole, Abu Khalil, and the rest of the crew. Her writing is so cliche, it's nauseating. It's like a tripped out Arabist Hallmark card. She added her wisdom in her comments to el-Amrani's garbage:

Not that I think tourism is the best thing in the world. But the Lebanese do. And many Lebanese believe that their neighbor to the south wants to sabotage their tourist business, as well as their other efforts to prosper. They think Israel wants to squelch Lebanese creative entrepreneurial activity, as a competitor. Whether this is real or not, I don’t know. But you’ll see Lebanese saying this soon.

Mmmm, how interesting. Innuendo that the Israelis did it, and why? To disrupt Lebanese tourism! Try this statement, which smells of Cobbanism:

On the plus side, he said (last week) that Lebanon is at a turning point, facing either disaster or great progress.
I still have hope that this won’t devolve into disaster. Perhaps the Lebanese will unite in their grief and resolve some of their old issues."

So I stick to my call!

Now back to yours. What on earth does the term "right wingers" mean anyway? And what do you mean that I "stick by" those "right wingers" who "killed so many people"? Where do I do that? Who exactly DIDN'T kill too many people in the war? The Palestinians? Amal? Hizbullah? The Druze? The Mourabitoun? The Syrians? The Israelis? Or better still, the "left wingers" (whatever the hell that term means in Lebanon)?

Lebanese Neocon I can live with (despite the inaccuracy). "Right wing demagogue" is not only wrong, it's meaningless (what is "right" and "left" in Lebanon? This is the kind of nonsense that we leave to As'ad and Cole. In real life, it's meaningless.)

But I repeat, the recipes are great, and the middle finger to As'ad was priceless!

You look good in that picture by the way, I hope you're feeling well.


Leila, i'm sorry to hear what happened to your family but you shouldn't make your personal experience not support the Palestinian resistance in Palestine, lots of dirty things happened during the war in Lebanon from all sides. the Palestinians resistance against Israel is a just and noble cause, let them fight the way they choose whether violent or not.

Leila: I know that you have the best of intentions. You really are a "good" person, I can tell. I absolutely have no problem with the activities you mentioned (singing, dancing, holding hands, and flying Kites) but should we not separate what we do for fun and relaxation (or for professoinal reasons or for ego gratification--and I am including what I do here) from what can be considered "struggle" for peace even if we disagree on the meaning (and requirements) of peace? I never questioned your right to do what you do, I was just quibbling with the label. Of course, I will do what I do and you do what you do. You said that, right. But part of that is for me to mock on occasions what you may do, with the understanding that you can attack me back, right?

Leila, your eloquent common sense puts all the rest of us to shame. It is too bad that far too seldom most people, including myself, cannot see the human price such as an 82 year old grandmother paid for because of our and their beliefs and the actions, we and they take and support to carry those beliefs out.
Leila never feel you are doing nothing by working with others for a real and lasting peace. God Bless You and Keep You.

PS: Leila, you are doing pretty good if both the Angry Arab and Tony Across the Bay attack you! Keep the kites and everything else you can flying!

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