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May 14, 2005


Speaking of watersheds, one undeniable piece of good news from the last couple of weeks is that Alameda County Water District has been awarded over a million dollars to restore the salmon/trout run in Alameda Creek. Read more at

http://www.alamedacreek.org/Press_Releases/ACWD NFWF Grants 5-2-02.pdf

and be cheered. Starting in winter 2007, EBMUD customers are welcome to come and watch the leaping trout migrate upstream in Alameda Creek!

(Leila, you're going to have to remove the carriage return from the URL above; I can't do it using Typepad's software.)

Alison - this is lovely, thenk you. I went to the site and tried to access the press release but it crashed my firefox browser, don't know why. The rest of the website, even without the PDF files, is full of interesting info and pictures.

My brother, a water quality expert, is working on a similar project for the Los Angeles river. I'll ask him to write a squib about this for Dove's Eye View.

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