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May 31, 2005


I think Juan Cole was contrasting the Israeli point of view with the _American_ point of view rather than the Palestinian - he was arguing that the film presents the settlements as a national problem rather than a global one. I'm not sure how far I agree with him on that.

Yes, that thought occurred to me later as I was driving somewhere. Why does the meaning of a paragraph only penetrate an hour after I've left the computer? Too much on my mind.

Still, I think the biggest benefit of this documentary is in changing Israeli minds. Framing it in Israeli terms thus makes sense.

The American public hasn't shown they can follow foreign policy - no, I don't mean you Jonathan, but the vast numbers of regular Americans out there. Tell them that something is bad for America's long term interests and they just shrug (Abu-Ghraib, Guantanamo human rights violations, the war in Iraq).

So the film is framed in terms of Israel - fine. It's Israelis who will have to stop the Occupation - nobody else is going to. And in my opinion they'll only stop it if they perceive it is bad for Israel.

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