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June 06, 2005


Thanks Leila for this interesting post. Samir was a valiant advocate of freedom not only for Lebanon, but for Syria as well. Believe the latter was what cost him his life. Samir realized that Lebanese freedom would never be safe until Syria was free, too.
Agree with you about the uselessness of cable TV news. Have found that CBS News is still the best. Their online site is www.cbsnews.com. That is where I first learned of Samir's murder.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to its credit paid quite a lot of attention to the Qassir murder. They had a regular news story plus a long interview with one of his friends. CBC's "As it Happens" can be heard on KALW 91.7 FM on weekdays from 5-6, and it also can be heard on a stream from CBC's website. Unfortunately the Qassir story is no longer available on the web site.

Disclaimer: now I've completely outed myself as a big-time KALW supporter.

Thank you for this post on Samir Qassir;
I just wanted to say that his killing was a shock not only for libanese but certainly for many arabs across the region.
I'm a moroccan; I was, as I beleive, many of my fellow citizens very optimistic and sometimes passionate about speedy events unfolding in lebanon... it seemed as if something of a democratic uprising was taking place and we prayed for us to be contaminated. this assassination reminded us of the volatile nature of the region... I really hope that lebanese people wont have to pay anymore price to gain their freedom and show us the way.

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