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December 13, 2005


Gibran Tueni is dead, but like John Brown, his Soul is marching on. It is, in Lincoln's words "for us, the living" to make sure Tueni's death, like Hairi's and all the others who have died for Lebanon's freedom, are not in vain.

Thank you for posting this, and thanks to Tony Badran for translating.

I have linked to this important letter at 21 poetry boards, mostly, but not all, members of the InterBoard Poetry Community, which carries my column Poetry & Poets in Rags, and has their poetry boards listed here:

The post I made was the same at each forum, for instance here at The Gazebo, which is not an IBPC member, here:

If you choose to click in, you'll see some of the conversation that is being generated, and also how I am linking the entire community together in a conversation called "Adonis speaks out."

I have also posted your link into Books Inq., the blog of Frank Wilson, the book review editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer, here:

And he has linked back so his readers can read my post there, which was in response to his topic on Pinter from this morning.

Most likely, "Adonis to Ghassan Tueni" here will be first click in the December 20th edition of Poetry & Poets in Rags, followed by David Ignatius's article "Breaking the Assasins" in The Washington Post, here:

If something else supercedes, which is unlikely, I'll let you know.

Thanks again, very much.

Rus Bowden

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