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February 24, 2006


Don't forget, states' rights can mean medical marijuana and domestic partner benefits in addition to racism. I can never decide whether I'm for or against them philosophically. The question amounts to, does one size fit all, or no?

My last comment to your blog got lost in the ether, so I'll press "post" more gently this time.

And thank you, Leila, for the link and mention. Yes, we do descend from some interesting characters, but I suppose that is true of just about everybody. The progressive/conservative dynamic on my branch of the family makes for some lively discussions around the dinner table.

I guess there is some solice in the fact that we aren't directly descendent from L.Q.C. and M. B. Lamar. Maybe they were wayward children. Who knows. I'm willing to leave it in the past so that we can redeem the future.

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