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April 29, 2006


Thank you so mutch for post this and we read of topic so nice!


I'm not really commenting about this item - but about your blog in general - and also Moorish Girl.

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy the blog and how I read it quite regularly - even though I haven't previously bothered to comment.

I know it can be quite lonely when you are writing a blog and no one seems to comment - but of course that doesn't mean that no one is actually reading your work.

So please keep up the good work. It's quite obvious that you are a decent, warm human being and I admire what you are doing to promote and maintain the dignity of Arab Americans in these difficult times.

Best wishes

Andrew Stephenson
AK Comics UK

PS - By the way, thanks for the mention to AK Comics (www.akcomics.com) - that was cool - in our own small way, we are also doing our best to promote a peaceful world and a strong sense of personal identity for Arab women.

Forgot to add the address of the AK Comics blog in the UK:



very kool blog Im big on female activities and movements in the arab world. .

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