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April 17, 2006


Great blog. Love the recipes.

I am taking Micheline's fiction workshop in the fall and I cannot wait. I have heard everyone say Micheline's class is amazing. I have Ginu's craft class, which I love.

Hi Whitney! Thanks for dropping by, I'm thrilled. You're my first Mills-ite commenter (the undergrads in the class I'm assisting have been lurking, hello ladies)

It'll be great to be together in workshop again. See you then or sooner!

Hi Leila,

It sounds like you had a really great experience this semester! That's good to hear.

I'm heading off to the University of Iowa in the fall (I was lucky enough to get in). They're even letting me teach an undergrad creative writing class -- could I be more thrilled?

I hope you're doing well, and that you'll take me up on my offer to look at your work sometime, because I'd love to see your fiction. :)

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