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July 26, 2006


Who’s who in Palestinian cinema
Eye Magazine

Hany Abu Assad
Lives and works in the Netherlands. Most well-known for this acclaimed film “Paradise Now” which was nominated for and Oscar and won the Golden Globes. Abu-Assad’s work is humorous and engaging.

Tawfiq Abu Wael
Lives and works in Tel Aviv. Abu Wael’s work is quiet, little dialogue and a very strong visual style. His work deals with rural life and patriarchy. One of the most “visual” of the filmmakers.

Annemarie Jacir
Lives and works in Ramallah. The only female working in fiction, her work is controversial, intelligent, with a strong visual and cinematic eye. Her work deals with borders, movement and class.

Michel Khleifi
Lives and works in Belgium. One of the first Palestinian filmmakers, though he has little recent work. His films focus on gender and self-identity.

Rashid Mashrawi
Lives and works between Paris and Ramallah. Raised in Gaza, began working in film production in Tel Aviv. Masharawi, one of the most original of the filmmakers, works in documentary, fiction and art installation/experimental video. He produces work often, always showing diversity and freshness.

Mai Masri.
Lives and works in Beirut. Masri is one of the earliest and most important documentary filmmakers. Honest, passionate and heart-felt. Her work deals with war and the flight of the Palestinian refugees.

Elia Suleiman
Lives and works in Paris. The most well known of all the filmmakers receiving awards from across the globe. His work is intelligent, dark-humored, resembles Jacques Tati at his best. A distinct visual style and has added meaning to the idea of the vignette.

Sameh Zoabi
Lives and works in New York. The “Hollywood” filmmaker of the Palestinian scene. One short film to date which received attention in Cannes. His work is conventional, reflects an American-style of storytelling, and light.

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