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July 12, 2006


"Juan Cole said today apropos of US response to Osama Ben Laden, or was it Israeli response to Palestinian rockets - cowboy diplomacy never works."

This reminded me to click over to Cole's site... and it turns out he actually said it regarding the recent bombing in India.

What a horrific state of affairs when there were so many terrible possibilities to choose from...

Thanks, Stephen, I updated to reflect the change. Then updated again - Israel bombed the airport, and killed 22 civilians in the South, all reported hours after I first posted this.

My sister-in-law is in Beirut (she works for an international aid organization), was supposed to leave today -- and, of course, is now trapped, with the airport destroyed and no way out.

So I empathize as well as sympathize. What a horrific mess.

Thanks for your comments at the News Blog (which lead me here) and best wishes to you and your family.

I hope and pray that this cycle of violence can be de-escalated, and some kind of constructive process to tension reduction can be begun.

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