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July 26, 2006


Bad translation... It means you shall not murder, where murder is unlawful killing... And war isn't unlawful killing... Espeacially when Lebanon started...

Leila, thanks for the link.

But, Patricia, "thou shalt not kill" is in fact Leila's gloss -- I *do* translate "lo tirtsach" as "you shall not murder".

Nor is it necessarily true that just because Lebanon (or, more accurately, Hezbollah) started the war that the killing is lawful. There are two ways that killing in war can be unlawful: it can be an immorally begun war -- what just war theory calls jus ad bellum. But it can also be an immoral use of *tactics* -- jus in bello -- which, I claim in my post (and an earlier one Leila linked to also), Israel is clearly doing, both through disproportionate use of force, and through, apparently, the deliberate targeting of civilians.

I know it's hard for some people to think that; but the evidence is really starting to be overwhelming. So we -- all those who believe that, well, unlawful killing is wrong -- need to speak against it.

Thank you, Stephen, for pointing out the difference. I think in the Christian tradition we are taught the ten commandments without the painstaking discussion of what they actually mean - esp. Thou Shalt Not Kill, which gets glossed over. Of course, I didn't go to much Sunday school or church so maybe I missed the lesson.

So this discussion of murder vs. kill is enlightening.

I wonder if Patricia read even so much of your well-thought-out argument as the few paragraphs that I quoted? Perhaps she did and I'm being uncharitable.

It seems no one has informed Hizbollah.

You should get on this right away.

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