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July 14, 2006


Peace is never achieved through negotiation.

When dealing with thugs and dictators, the only way peace can be achieved is through military might.

Arafat promised peace and then broke those promises time and time again. The muslim fanatics hate the Jews as much as the Nazis of WWII. The only difference is now the Jews can fight back.

Nothing but negotiation for decades. Negotiation evidently accompishes nothing except giving the enemies of Israel time to up their arms and their ammo.

It's nice to have the warm and cozy feelings, but a knife at the throat will drive them away every time.

You don't negotiate your way out of a war with people who have sworn, time and again, to exterminate you.

You win it and negotiate from victory. Always has been and always will be but some people cannot learn.

Cmon, guys. The violence from Israel comes from the real grievances of the people it's occupying, not simply sadistic mindsets. Offering Palestinians Swiss cheese bantustans at Oslo and Camp David and calling it a country is not good faith negotiation. The Oslo process failed because the situation on the ground didn't improve, b/c Israel wasn't willing to give up (enough of) the occupation.

More recently when parties at Taba, Egypt did get close to adopting the international consensus on establishing an independent, viable Palestinian state in the '67 territories, Israel's negotiators were ordered home. Better to delay, expand the settlements and access to land and water, and get what you can through violence, when you have overwhelming superiority in that dimension.

It's just pretty bad logic to use the continued hatred and resistance against Israel as an excuse for Israel to smash its victims, when the Occupation and its deprivations are what incite these feelings and actions.

And by the way, Gaza is still occupied. Without freedom of movement, without free access to borders, you cannot move people and goods and have an economy. Unemployment is through the roof, quality of life sucks, and the blockade on aid and medical care exacerbates the social conditions there. Plus you still have a foreign military presence that makes itself known. There is no sovereignty, no freedom, so don't use the Gaza pullout as an insight into the Palestinians true mindset, either.

Thank you for considering my viewpoint.

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