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September 28, 2006


God be with you, Leila. May your memories of him uplift and sustain you. You have my deepest sympathy.


Your father sounds like (from his poetry and your posts) a very rare soul and I am sure he will be missed by many. I will have some prayers (Baha'i) for the passage of his beautiful spirit.

Joe Frantic

I am so terribly sorry for your loss.

I wish you strength and peace in this dark and terrible time.

May your father's memory be a blessing for you and your family, always.

I am sorry to read that. My deepest condolences. May he rest in peace. Amen.

we are from God, and we return to God.

may God bless your father in his rest.

may God give you and yours strength and courage during this time.

Inna lillahi oua inna ilayhi raji'oun..
My deepest condolences

Farah, Islamoyankee, Ahmad, Stephen, Joe, and Barb - thank you all so much. My father would be so pleased to receive condolences from strangers representing the three religions of our people.

I'm glad that you were able to share his last moments. You have my sympathy!

My prayers are with you. Though I mourn your loss, I rejoice that I was able to meet your father and share a portion of his last days. If there are any regrets, it is not in his release, but rather in not knowing him in an earlier day.

May the Source of Peace bring you comfort, along with all who mourn, now and swiftly.

Dear Leila,

I am so sorry to read about the loss of your father. I feel fortunate to have learned a little bit about him on your blog. You have my deepest sympathy.

I am Leila's uncle and Elias is my brother-in-law. We held an unforgettable family reunion in Elias's and Mary Edith's home in the week preceding his death. It was an amazing experience to see Elias gather up his strength to participate fully in the family festivities. And having done this, he just finally let go.

I love you, Elias.




To say I'm sorry to hear this would be an understatement. There are really no words adequate to the situation.

May your family have peace and comfort, and if there's anything I can do from across the country, please let me know.

Leila, our sympathy and fond thoughts to you and your family. Your generosity, wit, and thoughtfulness -- not to mention your cooking -- are testament to your father's good life.

I am very sorry. May he rest in peace and I hope that you and your family, especially your mother find solace and peace in your hearts after this loss.

I knew your mom in North Carolina. We shared some very important times in my life. I remember the wonderful hospitality in your home. Having gone to high school in Beirut, it was easy for me to recognize the Middle Eastern generosity in your family.
I do not know how to contact your mother, but please let her know that I grieve with you all.
Barbara Dua

On behalf of me & my family in Detroit, I want to extend my condolences for your Dad .... to you, your mom Mary Edith and your brother Khalil. I was one of Dr. Abu Saba's students at North Carolina A&T Architectural Engineering. I will always love & respect him because he was one of the reasons we became good educated individuals. He opened his home and his heart to all of us. May he rest in Peace with our Lord and his Angels.

George Jamil Francis
Ford Motor Co.
Dearborn, Michigan

very very sorry for your loss

I hear this news with such a mixture of feelings. I hurt so for Mary Edith and all of your family. But I am thankful for Elias' release.

We double dated once or twice. They were at my wedding, and I at theirs. We have kept in contact over the years, but I have seen far too little of them both. But I did, and do, love them both.

I will miss your farther. I was a student at A&T and was learned so much from him.


I was a member of the first group/class of students your father taught in his first year at NC A&T. We were immediately devoted to him. His loyalty, compassion, decipline and zest of life were free to all who dared draw from his bottomless well. He set a standard of performance for us and truely expected us to reach it by giving us all the leverage we needed. I will always love and honor him. God truely smiles on his spirit, in his death a "Son of Man" goes home.

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