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September 15, 2006


islam is evil.

have you checked out the "ask the imam" forums that are so prevalent on the internet?

the answers given to questions on democracy and living in foreign countries is the same as encouraging treason.

check it out for yourself on the the following forums.




from the words of your own islamic clerics.

islam is evil.

here is another example of how evil islam is. read it slowly to get the gest of the whole story...


from one of your own islamic clerics.. "only symbols of islam should be allowed to be shown in public."

talk about intolerant.

islam is evil.

and the word is getting out. soon, all non-muslims will know the truth.

..I just had to add this last FAQ question that I read off the "ask the imam" site.

basically, it is saying that when a muslim takes the oath of allegiance to the usa to become a usa citizen, it is not valid to them.

in other words, they didn't mean it - they lied.


frankly, after reading all this stuff, I think that all muslims in the america should leave PRONTO!!!

if you do not believe this way, then, in the words of the clerics, you are not a muslim.

Honsestly, asktheimam, your comments are as hateful and ridiculous as the links you cite to. I'm no fan of any religion, but I also can't agree that the measure of a religion is the pronouncements of its most vile adherent.

No coercion? Like the two journalists recently kidnapped and released by Palestian terrorists? Any criticism of Islam, no matter how mild, results in violence by Muslims.

Muslims have no sense of irony.

I think some Christians are jealous of Muslims, honestly...

Oh, not just the Christians, all non-Muslims, honestly...

I find it ironic that anyone would make a sweeping claim about 1.3 billion people. "Muslims have no sense of irony???" this comment isn't an intellectual argument, it's a resentful prejudice. Can't be refuted because its premise is fundamentally flawed.

And I'm surprised we're still having this discussion, surprised at the number of people wallowing in the lowest forms of intolerance, ignorance and prejudice.

However incorrect the Pope's statements were doesn't justify the the death threats, church burnings, etc. I've read that there have been two murders as well.

Notice that the criticisms of the Pope, Catholic church, not to mention the reaction to the Pope's statement; has not resulted in Catholics fire bombing mosques.

The Quran is all over the map on any number of subjects (as is the Bible), as you well know. The primary difference is most Christians aren't living an old testament life.

"The Pope's statements... don't justify the the death threats, church burnings, etc. I've read that there have been two murders as well."

David has been playing that children's game, telephone, but the farther the actual real news gets fr. the source the more false & distorted it becomes.

The problem w. the anti-Muslim crowd is that their claims & charges are either unsubstantiated or are distortions of things they've read or heard somewhere.

Take David. First, I've heard of only one death remotely connected to the pope's remarks, that of a nun in Somalia. But the NY Times says it is "unclear" that the death is related to Benedict's remarks.

Second, churches were firebombed in one place: Palestine. And I'd maintain that this violence has its roots in conditions far more complex than merely some ill-fated words fr. a pope. Palestine is a disaster zone thanks to Israeli Occupation. Hatred, lawlessness & violence flare up at the drop of a hat thanks to Israel's disastrous invasion of Gaza. A few thuggish gunmen have taken the law into their own hands & firebombed a church. From this, one cannot make any generalization about the beliefs or behavior of all of Islam.

Violence can never be supported as part of religious debate. But neither can the kind of tomfoolery engaged in by this very foolish Pope.

And btw, the pot really called the kettle black when the Pope attacked Islam for using violence to spread its religion. We Jews who know our history know quite a bit about Catholics who've used violence to kill or convert us during the Crusades & Spanish Inquisition. The Pope's amnesia regarding his own Church's history is pathetic.

Don't let the propagandists get you down, Laila. Their hate eventually will wither & fall into the dustbin of intellecutal history.

Thanks, Richard. I hadn't read David's remarks because he showed his colors early, and I don't have time for it. Your reasoned response helps many, although poor David probably won't change his mind. He seems to be in the grip of fear which clouds his ability to take in information. I hope his heart opens, but it would take God to do it, not the reasonable arguments of an intelligent human being like you. Let's pray for him.

Leila likes play the role of academic, now she's playing the role of deeply spiritual woman.

I'm not anti-Muslim, I'm pro secular.

My thoughts on Muslim reaction date back to Rushdie, the murder of Van Gough, the political cartoon reaction, and the latest being the Pope's speach, which none of you even read.

So question: What would be a legitimate criticism of Islam?

Hmm...let's see. The Muslims are in disagreement with the pope's quote (not his own words)that Muslims are violent, so they threaten to kill him, let blood flow in Rome, etc. I guess that makes the quote true, doesn't it?

Muslims are too busy bleating on about the Pope to worry about genocides by Arabs Muslims against blacks Muslims in Darfur ?
Do I detect a double standard?
This is a golden opportunity for Muslims to show your moral superiority; as opposed to just criticizing the West when they actually do something.I am disgusted by the silence and blindness of the leftists,liberals and Islamic world to the suffering in Darfur.Here’s YOUR chance to do something about Darfur.

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