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September 17, 2006


"But they are CHURCH DOCTRINE if that matters to any of our anti-Muslim readers. Probably not."

This statement isn't an intellectual argument, it's a resentful prejudice. Can't be refuted because its premise is fundamentally flawed.

In other words, any critique of an individual Muslim, Muslims, or Islam means you're a bigot.

"It is no mystery that people are protesting."

They aren't protesting. They are rioting, killing, and attacking churches. Al Quida has called for the death of the Pope and Christians. Most of the Muslims doing this don't even know what the Pope said, much less in what context.

The Pope has yet to apologize for what he said. He and his spokesmen keep apologizing for the rucus his comments roused, but never for the remark itself.

And his "explanation" for the unfortunate citation is childish: He says he was just quoting the obscure medieval Byzantine emperor he cited, not agreeing with his remarks.

Then why did you quote him, one can ask. If I "just quoted" a remark from Adolph Hitler saying all Jews should be killed, I doubt anyone would treat it as a neutral comment.

A smear is a smear is a smear.

Neither the Pope, newspaper editors, book authors, political cartoonists, or anybody else owes all Muslims an apology. We don't ask the greater Muslim world to apologize for the things they write or say, and we don't react in this manner when they say things that we find offensive.

Excellent post. The following comment was a great eye opener for me: "They are understandably sensitive about white people putting them down, and every time one uses the "n" word, you can expect a strong reaction."

Indeed, try waltzing into some parts of America's inner cities and see what happens if you were to be so foolish, either with the 'N' word or whatever is equivalent for our latin american citizens. Never thought of it that way.

God bless

Dove, I have read two articles that shine new light on the controversy. One is by Avnery: Muhammad's Sword
and another one by the always interesting Tariq Ramadan: Roots of rationality

I believe that they both complement your excellent post.

Isn’t this just another case of the Muslims taking the opportunity to view, and present, itself as the ‘victim’ community being attacked from all sides?
It’s time someone called a spade a spade and stop this drama of political correctness.
Muslims were calling the Israeli response to Hezbollah’s actions as ‘genocide’.However, when real genocide is actually taking place - in Darfur, the Muslims are completely silent. What hypocrisy!

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