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October 02, 2006


Below is my attempt to translate the poem.

Here, my home is, here, I was raised
On every turn here, I have a home

There, I have a house with walls
[But] Between us, I’ve never found affection

Here, there are mountains and valleys
I enjoy their breeze whenever I want

There, you can find the freeways and highways
Not a day did I notice a ditch

Here, I find amity and I have many friends
And a cup of coffee every evening

There, you are a machine not a human,
You have to pay your taxes with every dinner

Here, there are no human rights
[You will be dragged] Directly to the prison if you utter a word

There, you have the right to believe [freely]
[and say] your opinion publicly no matter whom you criticize

Here, we have friendships and many disagreements
And good hospitality wherever you go

There, I have children with grandchildren
Better for me than everything I’ve ever desired

Where is better? Tell me captain
And steer the ship that I’ve never left

My mind is lost and the balance is incorrect
And I don’t know where to go anymore

Where is my family? Where are the people of the house?

Ahmad, thank you so much. This means everything to me.

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