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October 17, 2006


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Israel's have killed more than 1226 people in Lebanon. Hospitals had so far received more than 3700 bodies of victims of the Israeli campaign. "On top of those victims, there are more than 200 bodies still under the rubble.
1,000,000 people, (Around 1/4 of the lebanese population), have fled their homes in south Lebanon and the southern suburbs of Beirut. They are residing in schools, university campuses and outdoor parks. Fuel of all forms has been used out, electricity and water plants have also been hit by Israel and thus both are out.
90 % of the lebanese infrastructure was destroyed. (more than 150 Bridges, 600 km of roads were destroyed, international airport, all national airways, major lebanese ports bombed, more than 30 fuel and gas stations, thousands of civilians houses are destroyed..)
Israel used interntionally-baned bombs in its war on Lebanon
Quana Again. After the 1996 israeli mascare that killed around 109 people. Israelis hit Quana again killing around 57 people, 30 of them are children.

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