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October 28, 2006


These folks hosted him at a SF event last June:


Maybe you can reach someone through that organization who has had contact w. him.

Rabih is my wife's first cousin.

I will forward this post with your e mail to him.

Ok, I can't find your email so I will just forward the url to this post and to your blog.

Good luck.

Dear Moussa - what luck! Thanks for your help. Lynn Freed also revealed the address (hope he doesn't mind!).

My regards to your wife's aunt, and thank you for your interest.

Isn't the Internet fun?

I, The Divine is terrific! I also really loved KoolAIDS: The Art of War. Such a good writer.

hi. i am an enlish literature master student n lebanon and i chose rabih alameddine's novels to work on for my thesis and for my defence. i was wondering if i can have his mail r anything to contact him and tell him about my project would be reat
thank you

Hi does anyone know how to contact Rabih Alameddine, possibly and e-mail address, would really love to do an interview with him. I am a journalism student at the Lebanese American University.
Thank You!

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