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October 21, 2006


"sovereign states of Israel and Palestine there will be full equality for all citizens".

in israel all the citizens are equal right now...
and there is no section on terror its only what israel should do nothing about what the palestinian or the Lebaneses should do...and if some jew sign on this, this is not mean that he has the israeli interest cause he is not israeli!!! sorry about my english

Well, the petition does call for a "international guarantees of a safe and secure future for all citizens of Palestine and Israel". But the larger point is that Palestinian violence, both in its legitimate form (against military targets) and e illegitimate form (against civilians), is a function of Israel's denial of political and human rights to Palestinians. Create a Palestinian state, give the Palestinians normal living conditions, find a creative solution to the refugee problem, and the violence will end.

What "impasse in Israel/Palestine" ??? The arabs are killing each other. Let them be (I mean kill).

The arabs are bringing tons of weapons into Gaza. They want conventional war. It's the kind of war Israel can win.

Dove, thanks for posting this. Those of us who remember our common humanity are grateful.

- One whose own family was dispossessed - of life, of land, of language, of everything - by the Germans, Ukrainians, and Poles, and refuses to hate anyway.

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