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November 22, 2006


What is justice for Arabs who call themselves Palestinians?

Is it justice that all Arabs who call themselves Palestinians will come to live in Israel and destroy the only Jewish state?

Is it justice that Jerusalem, the holiest site in Judaism, will be given to Arabs? The same Arabs who have no respect for other religions (including their own factions) ??

Is justice that Israel give Arabs more land? The same poor Arabs who have more land the UNITED STATES of AMERICA ???

Maybe justice is that the Jews will pay compensation to Arabs, same Arabs who own all the oil in the world and finance terror that cost BILLIONS ????

What is justice to Arabs?
Today Arabs killed 145 Arabs because they were of a different sect.


What are you praying for ?

Anonymous, are you?

Not a troll, just an Israeli.
Why? Too much truth for ya?

Truth? Your idea of truth looks like insanity to me. I know plenty of Israelis who are not paranoid, racist and hysterical. Your statement however, is all those things.

Which is why I call troll. Also why I shouldn't engage. Happy Thanksgiving!

The fact that I'm paranoid does not change the fact there are 300 million Arabs and Persians out to get me.

The fact that I'm paranoid does not change the fact there are hundreds of thousand of missiles pointed at me.

The fact that I'm paranoid does not change the fact that there are ruthless dictators and terror leaders who blame me for everything that's wrong with their countries and culture.

The fact that I'm paranoid does not change the fact there are millions of misguided Americans and Europeans with a warped sense of justice who believe Arabs are never responsible for their actions.

Who will give justice for the million Jews kicked out of ARAB countries? Who will compensate them for their property? Who will compensate them for living in Israel in refugee camps? Who will compensate Israel for resettling those Jewish refugees?

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Israel.
We have Hanuka - a story about the holy temple in Jerusalem. No Arabs lived in Israel at that time, strange?

I found this blog surfing.

I hope you'll visit my blog. I'm having a discussion on my blog, about the question of the veil.

My blog team member is Marxist from Lebanon.


ok, I don't usually bother responding to blogs, but the dialogue kinda demanded it. There's justifiable and unjustifiable paranoia, per Leila's post, and the Arabs and Iranians play to every possible paranoid sentiment in the Israeli psyche, which is the fault of the former. Developing nukes, denying the Holocaust, stating Israel should be wiped off the map, sending missiles and suicide bombers into Israel. .kinda make for a justified paranoia.

You just cant make deals with terroists and you will never have peace whilst you are mixed up with them ,or they are part of your government ,no one has been found for the assasinations but who gained the most from them? common sense should prevail here ,hezzbolla started all this mess and is still making a mess ,how can you have terroists having veto over your government ? you just cant if you ever want peace ,look at turkey ,thats a great example to everybody on how muslim nations should be run as well as mixed ones ,and if anything is to be learned from them it is this religions should not be in politics if you want peace end of story ,and you cant claim to want peace whilst being affiliated with terroists .but good luck over there .

From this side of the pond it is all too easy to see Mc Cain as an avuncular benign conservative . This is 'conservative ' sans neo.
He must shed the wretchedness of the neocons and yet remain an attractive candidate to the GOP faithful.
But his POW status notwithstanding is it sufficient to reward a man who was probably heroic in Vietnam , with the Presidency just because he does'nt appear to have any skeletons in the cubbard.
There are some murmurings about shady dealy but they seem far too nebulous to make manifest allegations against him.
But from hear I'm hearing a language which speaks with some derision about the white flag.
If the war is a failure and they have to leave as ignominiously as they did after the fall of Saigon it would be far more noble and compassionate for the servicemen in Iraq that they at least negotiate a truce and withdraw with some degree of honour.
But will they do that and leave the big capitalists there , and moreover lose control of oil in the Middle East , which is what it was always about.
MC Cain comes from a military family , something he is not afraid to trumpet as if it were that he was handed the keys of the kingdom ; the heir of his patrimony .
We like to think of him as 'a bit Irish , even if he does'nt make the claim as overtly as he might.
Mr MC Cain has made his position on Iraq clear enough to forewarn the electorate.
What about Iran . Would he show the restraint to nuke or otherwise interfere there.?
What about the road to Baghdad being through Jerusalem , ;the implication here being that if the USA were seen to be honest brokers in establishing dual statehood for Israel and the Palestinians ; would he be as partisan towards the Israelis as the Bush administration has been ?
Remember that while Bush visited the region for the first and only time in recent weeks , that even when he was talking about realigning historical borders , at that very time the Israelis were actually continuing with their carve up of occupied territories; dividing farms , denying farmers from access to their olive groves ;
diverting the water from these farms .; strangulating the occupied territories from essential supplies ,
I have served as a doctor on 6 missions with the UN , have visited these farms , have had discussions with young Israelis about their alleged hegemony and military supremacy. Most are conscious of their ( Israeli) disproportionate war in Lebanon - which was mostly against Lebanese citizens and destroyed an economic and infra- structure the Lebanese had struggled so hard to reconstruct.
I have seen the devastation in Northern Israel ,caused by Hamaz rockets launched from Southern Lebanon .
I have also seen the resullt of operation Grapes of Wrath , launched by the Israelis on civilliant sheltering in the Fijian battallion HQ and the memory will neber ever leave me.
I have visited the Holocost Museum and was equally revolted .
The mutual distrust is manifest in everything everyday.
The situation there and elsewhere requires a less belicose voice than Mr Mc Cain's .
It requires the vision , imagination , compassion of someone like Obama.
One senses that despite his relative inexperience , his mind is suffeciently open to be that honest broker.
He would certainly refrain from any designs in Iran.
Maybe mine is a naive hope , but we all look to the USA for a renewed international integrity . We depend on the US for stability in world economics.
I would plead with the uncommitted American voter to take pause .
This is the most defining time for the US sense of equality , freedom , and the right to pursue happiness. ,
Could the avuncular Mc Cain succeed in this very fragile area while he still talks of disdaining the white flag.

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