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November 09, 2006


You are right -- we must find a way to break the silence.

Have you ever read this account of non-violent resistance to Israel in Lebanon?

Jan, look at the author. My mother wrote it... I have linked to it before. Thank you for posting it. It's lovely.

For awhile I was walking around saying "Remember Arnoun!"

But those were idyllic days compared to the times we live in now.

Don't beieve to this bullshit,
Unarmed resistance...ye right...those poor woman smuggled the hamas terrorists in the ambulances...but of course, you beleive to anything that against israel..only today the U.N published the report that israel didn't use in Uranium like the british newspaper said, no one say nothing on this in yours blogs..but when the paper published, you all screamed on war crimes and stuff, exactly like in jenin and a lot more events.

As long as the world stands by and allows this to happen, there will be many more "regretable accidents". It's easy for Israel to label their violent acts as accidents because the international community never holds them accountable. I'm sure this incident will be "investigated". Yeah, right.

this incident was been investigated two days ago...the army said that technical problem in the radar of the gun caused this tragedy.
from now, shooting with guns like this will be confirmed only by a general of the I.D.F.
this is the conclusion.

more than that, I can say to you Maloof that in 1982 when sabra and shatila massacre happend, the I.D.F was the only authority who investigated this massacre..your arabs freinds prefered to blame israel and closed the deal.
if you say that the I.D.F are not objective, I say you that you know on the intervention of Arieal Sharon only because I.D.F,
and after this "unobjective" investigated Ariel Sharon was been fired from the govemant.
the I.D.F is very objective in its investigation, you can see those investigation in the internet and derive conclusions.

Israel is a just a red herring. Does genocide in Darfur have anything to do with Israel? Did the bombings in Mumbai have anything to do with Israel? Do rebels in Sri Lanka have anything to do with Israel? Does civil war in Somalia have anything to do with Israel? Do terrorist attacks in the Phillipines have anything to do with Israel? Did the attempted coup in Trinidad have anything to do with Israel? Do attacks in Nigeria have anything to do with Israel?

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