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November 05, 2006


Just because Patrick Buchanan does not indorse neo-conservatives does not make him an anti semite, and just because he does indorse illegal immigration that does not make him a xenophobe. I used to think the same way you do about him until I read his books "where the right went wrong" and "state of emergency".

Although I am not an American but i live in the United States and I am far from a conservative Pat Buchanan has enlightened me on the changes of what a "true" conservatives doctrine of American Foreign Policy is, and what a nationalists REASONABLE view on immigration should be.

In my view it is truely noble for one to bid between the party lines and deliver sentiment against ones own group for the better good of a union. Although I do not subscribe to many of Mr. Buchanans conservatives ideologies, I find his perspective and opinions to be among the most worth listening to in the political era today.

I wish more conservatives were that way.

In other words - in a time when everyone has become a sell out Pat Buchanan maintained and voiced his dissapointment with the current conservative band wagon long before it was popular to do so.


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