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December 30, 2006


"Either he means it, and those rabid Islam-bashers out there have to deal with it, or he doesn't, and the haters have to accept that he's a liar. I tend to think he means it."

I think Bush's pronouncements to the Arab-American community are handled in precisely the same way that his staff feeds him the news. People dish things out to him & tell him what to do & say.

I don't think Bush gives a flying f*^k about Arab-Americans. Condi Rice or Karen Hughes tell him what he should say & he says it.

What convinces me of the correctness of my cynical view is the positive statements he made about Arab Americans just after 9/11 as contrasted w. his utterly stupid "Islamofascist" comment made a few months ago. One person can't make both statements and be internally consistent. So it must mean that he's saying statements that are fed to him: some by Condi/Karen (or at that time, Colin) & some by Tricky Dick C. & his crowd.

Anyway, nothing is sincere. Nothing makes sense. It's all a charade.

Hey, Richard, thanks for dropping by.

First off, remember that Bush is wishing MUSLIMS well. His statements have been about Muslims. Muslims in America are 80 per cent non-Arab. Arabs in America are at least 60 per cent Christian. So we're talking about Muslims, not Arabs.

Secondly - re Bush and Islam - I am not surprised that he's inconsistent. He doesn't think critically, he's emotional, he's not very balanced as a human being. Of course he's inconsistent.

The reason why I think he means the positive comment is that he is so very close to the Saudi royal family and always has been. Never forget that. The House of Saud and the Bushes have long close family-like ties. So he knows a little something about Islam, and has probably heard enough statements like "Islam is a religion of peace" that he can repeat them without thinking.

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