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December 23, 2006


Leila: I've studied philosophy, with an emphasis on religious philosophies, for many years ( still am ), and a few years ago finally came to a personal conclusion of how to live and act responsibly and authentically.
Distilled to the bone, Spike Lee said it best: do the right thing. Along with the Golden Rule, you can't go wrong. Your writings and actions have opened the minds of thousands to some truths that would otherwise have remained hidden to us.
Just maybe, you've inspired a young future Martin Luther King of the Middle East.
It's voices like yours that inspire. Keep up the good work, and know that you are "doing the right thing".

I recently discovered your blog, and what a welcome respite it is from all the cynicism out there.

After the collapse of Oslo, the hearts have indeed hardened. There's a certain comfort to be had from sticking to old positions and closing one's mind to new ideas.

Keep it up!

I pray that the heavans hear your voice for peace. common people of the arab world (not their governors) long for the day when peace dominates in their homelands, but not a peace that lacks justice and dignity. let us call for peace, justice, dignity and freedom for all.

Thanks Badger, Nizo, and Ibn Bint Jbeil. I'm glad you dropped by, and grateful for your comments.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good winter holiday.

Rebecca Solnit at tomdispatch.com has a lovely ruminative piece in the form of an imaginary letter from 2026, where from an eco-progressive future she looks back with some nostalgia on the events of the late 90s, early 2000s that gave rise to that culture. A good, electrifying read.

Leila: I've been out of town on an execrable family visit to Florida & so didn't see this post--which used our conversation as a lauching pt--till now.

Thanks for shining yr light through the stormy night that is Mideast politics. I'm still as bummed out as I was when you tried to cheer me up. But part of that is that my dear little 2 yr old girl is in the middle of the worst virus bug of her short life (not severe, but just plain enervating).

Actually, the news of the past few days (if you lv. out Peretz's idiotic decision to allow a brand new W. Bank settlement) has been fairly positive. But it can always get worse as we know.

Sorry, it's the new year & all. I've got to get a better attitude. You keep up yr great, hopeful writing. That'll help me to stay focussed on the good things.

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