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December 02, 2006


oh and you have reminded me that i forgot to upload more pictures from the conference...many of them are pictures of you doing your presentation. more pictures of you in your bohemian chic to come.

What a wonderful photo! I think you look fabulous.

I've never been to a Paul Dresher concert, but I am a huge fan of Rinde Eckert, who has done some spectacular collaborations with Dresher (kind of avant-gard one-man opera pieces, with the Dresher Ensemble...)

sexy mama!!!

That is a lovely photo. And, you could always use henna if you're afraid of dye (and you should be - dye is nasty).

That's a terrific picture. You look great.

"...not young"?? Oh honey, please. That jacket is great, too.

If you find someone to henna your hair, pass the word. My niece did mine um a year? ago, a shade not far from my natural one ("Persian Gold" or something like) and I really liked the result. It really does condition your hair, too. Of course it's temporary, but aren't we all.

Unfortunely my niece lives in Orlando. I'd fly her out every few months if I had the budget, and not just to mulch my hair.

My mother went to Oberlin, during the Eisenhower administration. Now my Godson is a student at the conservatory there.

P.S. - my semitic wildness is getting some grey at the temples too. (I officially hit middle age on Tuesday. I figure 88 will be hitting a homer, since like so many Jewish women I am walking around with BRCA-1 and BRCA-2.)

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