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December 07, 2006


O.K, peace, I agree, but why do you call israel Apartheid country?
israel isn't a racist to the arabs who live there...they have even more right than the majority, they don't need to pay the university, they can vote, they can complain to the court of law...
what they doing to gaza and lebanon its because they were been in war with those countries...I even think that the israeli law is much more liberal than the U.S. law...can you base your position?

"israel isn't a racist to the arabs who live there...they have even more right than the majority, they don't need to pay the university, they can vote, they can complain to the court of law..."

You, my friend, don't have the faintest idea of what being Arab means within Israeli society. You are more likely to be roughed up or brutalized by police or military personnel. YOu likely will never be able to get a legal permit to build a home of yr own. Your municipality or town receives pennies fr. government subsiby compared to the nearby Jewish towns. Your educational system will be impoverished. Skilled jobs will not be available to you. You are likely to more poor than even the poorest Israeli Jews. Other than that, it's paradise!

I note that a former exec. dir. of the Carter Ctr. & former colleague of Carter's has publicly renounced him because of the book (or so he claims). This has all the makings of an anti-Mearsheimer/Walt campaign waged by the likes of Dershowitz, et al. No doubt the ultra-Israel crowd has more rabbits (I originally mistakenly wrote this word as "rabbis!") like this one to pull out of their hats.

I've written 2 posts about the book & have gotten a good # of nasty negative comments. One called Carter's views on Israel similar to Nazi accusations that Jews were "rats & vermin." Nice.

My temper got the better of me & I sliced & diced him in reply. I prob. went overboard as he wrote in reply that I was not a nice person. But I was sorely provoked.

Don't tell me about the arabs in my country because I realy know better than you on them...because I meet them every day..
they are poor not because of my country, they are poor because they don't do nothing to get in to the israeli society...they enjoy from the israeli services, and than they badmouth about us, they have no respect to our police, our govermant, but they are in the parlament..their members go to enemy countries and tell them that we going to start war on them... but when someone say that they are not good citizens he is racist, the left all the time toady on them, and try that they will be like anyone in the israeli society ...and the list go on and on...they got a lot from us but when nasrahalla kills one of them they say he is an hero and cheer him,
in the end they yelled "Apartheid" and everybody pity on the poor arabs that live with the racist jews...don't tell me about Apartheid because you realy don't know nothing about what is going on here, you think its like South-Africa, and you are the liberal who come the save the blacks...its realy not like this situation, its far more complicated.
I'm realy tired from the israeli left that all the time try to be so over-righteous but in the end everybody still think that we are some racists...the life isn't black and white...stop showing us like you do because you are so wrong and you don't know how much.
any country that live in war from the day it has borned will be conservative, and warmonger...but israel isn't like this and I'm proud about that.
I am not some patriot that will eat all what his govermant give him, I criticize all of them, and I know that we are not perfect...and yes there is some mourning, and we did mistakes but to say that we are Apartheid is very unobjective and unfair...
and I laso know that we are on some crossroads, and if we keep fight we will be like iran or syria..and I am very afraid from this.

Israel is at war with the Arabs. What did the US do when Arabs declared war on the US?

Suspected all of them.
Did not allow them to come to the US.
Arrested many and so on.

Jimmy Carter is naive at best or extremely stupid. Not only he gave Egypt the entire Sinai he forced Israel to keep Gaza and further what he calls "Aparthide."
What a genius ?!

I thought compromise is HALF not ALL, why is it, when it comes to Jews they are forced to give ALL?

Rabbi Lerner needs to learn some history. Jimmy Carter did not "deliver" anything for Israel. The peace treaty with Egypt was negotiated in secret between Israel and Egypt, and only brought to the US to act as guarantor after it had been fully agreed on by the two sides.

As to what Israel "did in Lebanon and Gaza", compared to any country in the world, they have done nothing. Any country that was continuosly subjected to rocket attacks from a neighbor's territory would have gone in and completely wiped out the attackers. Israel lets them be and even negotiates with them.

The Arabs were given all of Gaza. They could have shown the world that they are serious about setting up a functioning society and state. Instead, they destroyed all the infrastructure left to them - infrastructure that could have brought them millions of dollars - and created a terrorits enclave there. They have fully proven to all who are not blinded by idiocy that they don't want their own state, but merely to destroy another one - as they continuosly state.

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