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January 11, 2007


Finally, let's hope they start acting on it!

Liliane, WE need to act on it. Pressure our elected representatives. Make changes in our lifestyles. I'm tuning up my car more frequently, have switched to the older but slightly better mileage car for in-town trips. Watching the home energy consumption. Walking to shopping when I can. Etc. It's small stuff. We will have to do much, much more to change. The solution is not in "their" hands - we are part of it.

"The earth has a fever and we are the infection."

Excellent! I will quote you.

You are definitely right Leila, I try to do my part in what I can, I remember printing dozens of papers per day just because I didn't feel like reading on the screen, now I force myself for example not to print as much. We need to help our environment!

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