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January 16, 2007


Interesting, sadly ministry of commerce finds that all problems of agriculture would be resolved by the WTO and imports


Marxist - we foodie environmental types in California believe as an article of faith that eating and shopping locally is the solution to our economic, energy and ecological problems. Imported food and textiles are only cheap because of cheap oil, which is ruining our climate and planet.

In fact, the suggestion now is to pick local produce over organic shipped from far away. Organic avocados from Chile do more to harm the ecosystem than regularly produced avocados from my neighboring town.

Traditional economists argue for why WTO and free trade are crucial, but their economic models don't account for the hidden costs of pollution, degrading of soil, climate change, and destruction of local markets and manufacturing.

WTO is much worse, really much worse, actually the only documentary that has been clicking to my mind is The Corporation (if you can rent it, watch it by all means :) )

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