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January 13, 2007


Thanks so much for that endorsement of the Jewish peace camp. Lest anyone think there is none, pls. take a look at my Israel Palestine Blogs:

There you'll find many peace blogs written by Jews, Israelis, Palestinians, Lebanese, Arab Americans, etc.

Peace is not something owned by one side or another. Not enough of my people support peace. But there are many progressive Jewish bloggers working to change that. Not easy, but we're trying.

Hello, my name is Lydia Sizer and I am working on a thesis through Brown University in the United States looking at blogs. I am looking at how blogs affect mutual understanding among people of different ethnic backgrounds and I was wondering if you would be willing to take a survey I have prepared for my research. This research would give you a voice in determining whether blogs would be useful in aiding global security. If you are interested, don't hesitate to email me at Lydia_Sizer@brown.edu. Thank you so much for your time. For convenience, please enter "thesis survey" as the subject of your email as I will not know who is writing to me. Thanks again!

--Lydia Sizer

Blogs useful in global security?
Umm.. no thanks. I'm working on a novel and don't have time to contribute to global security at the moment. But best of luck...

In case any of the readers you mentioned are reading this, Jews who don't agree with Israeli policies and with the American support of same actually exist. Such things are possible!

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