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February 13, 2007


Maria Golia's review was so childish and biased I used it in several of my classes as an example of illogical thinking and as an overall poor argument. My 15 year old students, without prodding, easily pointed out the absurdities, with much shock and laughter, in the review. Maybe you should occasionally talk to someone who does not share your parochial world view.

Does parochial world view mean a world view that challenges your ideas? Funny that you should call Miss Golia parochial, since she is a world traveler, American expatriate and free thinker.

Methinks you don't like reading alternate views, Mr. Dante Mates. Your fifteen-year-olds are of the age group to spout tribal, received wisdom; if you are their teacher, I hope you might expand your mind a little. But that's a lot to ask of some people.

Just thought people might find this article interesting to the Ayaan Hirsi Ali discussion:


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