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February 27, 2007


Hi Leila!

This is Rachel. I was at Mills with you last year in Sarah Pollack's Magazine class. I am at the Iowa Writers Workshop now - woo. Lots of work here, but good work. Maybe next time I'm in CA, we can meet for coffee. :)

I have a friend who has a friend who just got into Mills, and she's looking for apartments. I'm sending her the email address from your blog, with the hope that you might be able to hook her up with one of those listy things that Mills was always sending out, or perhaps offer advice on which places in Oakland are safest (without meaning to buy into the stereotype that Oakland is dangerous, per se, I think they'd rather be in a place where they would feel secure).

I hope all is going well for you!


Or perhaps not, as you don't seem to have an email on this site. :) If you wouldn't mind helping out my friends, shoot me an email -- or just if you'd like to be in touch!


yea iran is just full of lovers....

keep dreaming....

Yes, Iran is full of lovers, what's your problem Shemaman you hate that?

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