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February 25, 2007


Really good reflections here. I have thought about the same thing from time to time. I delved into my family genealogy years ago and found that all lines have been in America for five generations complete (including me) and longer for those I was able to track to England, Scotland or Wales. I was not able to document direct ancestors who owned slaves, but I am aware of black families with the same family name which is pretty strong evidence that they, or some cousins, surely did.

Rearing four children has taught me first hand how challenging it is to instill good character in the next generation. Even with all the advantages of education and financial security, my wife and I have experienced first-hand how heart-breaking it is to watch one's children struggle with social or developmental problems that seem resistant to the best efforts of supportive peers and family. I cannot imagine what growing up must be like for those whose for whom positive, successful role models have been practically non-existent.

It is clear, of course, that many flowers bloom and prosper in the most hostile of weed patches. My two or three posts about Farrah Gray still get a few hits every week. But those are the exceptions, not the rule.

The symbolism of official apologies on the part of state legislatures is a small but powerful token. And the message to white constituents may be more significant than those to whom those apologies are directed.


Incidentaly, on a different subject, I want to draw attention to the case of Nouri al-Khal, the late Stephen Vincent's translator who is trying to leave Iraq for the safety of America. Vincent's widow has been working on her behalf for two years now and is still meeting nothing but bureaucratic stone-walling. I really want to start some kind of blogger support for her cause but I'm not sure how to begin. I'm good at spreading a meme but the fact is that I don't have many readers.

I am reluctant to go around spamming comments threads but I don't know how else to procede. Besides when I write about the subject my anger and frustration is thansparent and counterproductive. The Fox News treatment of the subject is especially odious. Any ideas are welcome.


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