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March 11, 2007


What a painful scene. And a painful post. God, I wish there were more I could do than offer words of sympathy and encouragement.
Please don't give up blogging. Your's is one of the good places I read. And you are a cultural treasure.

Leila, sorry I haven't been around (very busy semester for me), but I wanted to second Hootsbuddy's comment: I wish I had more hope to offer. But I dearly hope you don't stop blogging. Merely trying to hope is a good thing in a world such as this.

Try not to lose hope. Just think of where we were two years ago in terms of those who disagreed with the war in Iraq. There are many more people speaking out now.

If people continue to have the courage to speak out on the Palestinian issue it will encourage more open dialect. Giving up is not an option.

Thank you, Ms. Maloof - and note that I found a little sign of hope today. Machsom Watch makes the AP newswire.

As you pointed out elsewhere, Nicholas Kristof calls for Americans to speak openly about the issues in Israel (as openly as they do in Israel, he says)

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